Our Process

Centering on the student and his/her individual needs, the placement process begins with a phone call to determine whether or not an alternative placement is appropriate for your child. If we chose to work together, an in-depth assessment will promptly follow where we bring together the family to better understand their environment.

From there we develop a comprehensive educational plan, monitor your child’s progress and follow through with their return transition.

  • Meeting with Student and Family
    • We identify concerns, needs and goals, including academic, emotional, social, geographical and financial.
  • Evaluation
    • We examine existing transcripts, psychiatric reports, current testing, activities, interests and any additional relevant information.
  • School List
    • Generated based on appropriateness for student and admission availability, we define a list of 3 to 5 appropriate placements. We assist you in narrowing down these options to a choice both parent and student are confident with.
  • Plan and Support
    • We develop a placement plan which includes a walk-through of the application process and admission procedures, and we formulate realistic expectations of your child and the chosen placement.
    • We continually monitor academic and/or therapeutic progress throughout duration of stay.
  • Transition Planning
    • Helping the student transition successfully back into the family environment (or additional placement), we define support systems which encourage continued success.
  • Timing
    • The overall placement process can take from a few days to a few weeks.
We will be eternally grateful for the guidance , support and genuine compassion Melissa showed us at a very dark time in our lives with our 2 girls. She continues to check in with us well after 2 years of treatment and has been a continued resource for our family.
Bob and Olivia
Although placement wasn’t the answer for my daughter, Melissa never backed down at looking at the importance of what would help her be successful. She thinks outside of the box, and not every answer is the same for every family. Melissa is insightful, committed and helped until there was resolution.
Parent, Colorado