We work on an annual contract for the sum of $5500.00. This annual contract exists until your student successfully completes the education plan developed by Educational Pathways and the parents (or both parties agree to terminate the contract).

Evaluation and Recommendations

In order to define the student’s ideal pathway we:

  • Interview the student, family, school personnel and relevant mental health professionals
  • Review previous educational records, and existing behavioral, emotional and psychological tests
  • Refer for additional testing if needed
  • Research appropriate schools and programs based on availability
  • List recommended schools and programs

Advocacy and Support

Serving as the experienced voice for both your child and you, we:

  • Continually consult the chosen program via phone and, where appropriate, on-site visits
  • Continually consult the parents helping facilitate goals throughout school or program stay

Transition Planning

Helping students transition successfully back into the family environment we:

  • Identify after-care goals and transition needs of student and family
  • Work with schools, programs and the family to ensure proper supports exist
  • Refer to another placement if needed

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I have worked with Melissa professionally for over 10 years and have known her to be ethical, direct and very caring and involved with the families she serves. Not only is she a professional, but a kind and compassionate person as well.
Executive Director of an RTC, Utah