An Educational Consultant is a trained professional hired by families to help guide and direct parents through the process of placing their child in treatment or to help find an appropriate educational placement outside of the home. Educational Consultants provide evaluation, consultation and educational and therapeutic planning.

Yes, Educational Pathways is based in Boulder, Colorado although we work with families and programs all over the United States. Even if clients do not live in our region, we make every effort to meet all of clients face to face somewhere during the process.

Educational Pathways does not work with “Boot Camps” or any other type of punitive approach. Boot camps are typically state funded and are designed to shape behaviors rather then address the source of the behaviors. We work with Wilderness Programs that are privately run, employ licensed therapists and use evidenced based therapeutic interventions.

The first meeting is typically with the adults involved in the clients’ life. It is a time to gather all information, testing, previous interventions and current concerns about the client. It usually lasts 2 hours and can take place in your home, over the phone or via Skype. During this meeting, we will discuss psychological, developmental and educational history. We will explain the continuum of options, what the process of placement entails and start to determine an appropriate pathway for your child. During this first meeting, we do not discuss specific recommendations unless the child’s safety is in question and immediate intervention is required.

Most programs include some form of academic study and can typically catch up and sometimes accelerate the student in school. Wilderness programs do offer some credit, although small, while therapeutic schools offer a full academic schedule. Our intention is to always to keep a child on track academically.

Choosing the right consultant is a very personal process. It is most important to feel comfortable, safe and confident in their approach and style. When making the final decision, consider education, years of experience, training and specific expertise. After you have spoken to 2-3 consultants, you will have a better idea of who is going to be the best match for you and your family.

As a consultant is my job to find the appropriate schools and programs for your child, advocate for the needs of your family and stay involved in the process until a successful completion has been reached. I research, evaluate, assess and visit all the schools I recommend. I get to know each school/ program through site visits where I meet staff, therapists, experience the culture and pick up on the overall nuances.I recommend 3-5 schools that are the best match then help you decide on the final choice. I am committed to the duration of our contract and I am always available by phone for any minor question or major concern. I always do at least one site visit during placement to meet the client to establish more trust and confidence. I only work with 12 families a year, as not to take on too much and be able to deliver the best service that families need. I am committed to each family that invites me to be a part of this process. I have over 30 years experience working with adolescents/ young adults and their families and have owned and operated Educational Pathways for over 10 years.

This is a simple question, but the answers are complex. Success is defined by each family differently, depending upon their goals and expectations. What constitutes success for an autistic child is going to be different than someone in their teens with substance abuse challenges. Our experience has concluded that families achieve the best results when two things happen; the parents and the consultant realistically agree on what constitutes success; and the parents are strongly engaged in the process and work involved.